Viral Marketing With The Oatmeal by Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman is the author, artist, and founder behind the one man operation known as The Oatmeal. In less than a year, his website has grown to nearly 5 million unique visitors a month, he got a book deal, appeared on TV, and was named one of the best blogs of 2010 by Time Magazine. […]

The Thank You Economy

The slide above is about the book “The Thank You Economy” and reasons why I love its author, Gary Vaynerchuk. And oh, I fell in love with it before reading it! Wanna know why? Check out the slide!

What It Looked Like

A brief history of how Mac OS and Windows looks like a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. This slide stash consists of 48 awesome pages! Enjoy!

The Power Of Words

Here’s a 13-page slide about the Power of Words. Words are really powerful and you’ll know why after you finish viewing this slide stash.

How to Make Your Website Super Awesome

This slide stash will show you how to make your website super awesome in the cheapest way possible. You know we love to save and I love to share, that’s why I’m sharing this little secret with you!

10 Ways to be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not your average pop star. Learn the 10 Ways to be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga. The first way is to have an opinion. Interested to know the next 9 ways? Check out the slide above!

Cut Costs The Low Cost Airline Way

Cut Costs The Low Cost Airline Way. Digital entrepreneurs should study the masters of digital cost cutting, the low cost airlines.

How to get 
publicity out 
of a melon mashing video

Here’s a great slide about How to get 
publicity out 
of a melon mashing video. Enjoy!

Don’t Worry…

A very very very long presentation. This is about 2000+ slides. Don’t Worry… Everything will be amazing!